Hey there, I'm Don. 22 years old, and a passenger of the roller coaster of life. Luckily not doing it alone, and have the most supportive and amazing girl on the planet by my side. And having a kickass group of friends helps too. My mind works in a nonstop visual manner, and I'm always looking to learn new things. So maybe stick around and see what we can teach or show each other.

In reference to that final that I “prepared” for.

I basically put it over my knee and beat it like a redheaded stepchild. 

Somebody might want to call child services on me. 

By 1PM tomorrow I will be done a completely bullshit class and project. I have had no say in what went into this project, but I do get to present some of it. Thank goodness I know how to bullshit my way through anything. 

Then after that, I have some note taking and then a quiz. Seriously, who gives out quizzes the week before finals, though? Bit of a pain if you ask me.