Hey there, I'm Don. 22 years old, and a passenger of the roller coaster of life. Luckily not doing it alone, and have the most supportive and amazing girl on the planet by my side. And having a kickass group of friends helps too. My mind works in a nonstop visual manner, and I'm always looking to learn new things. So maybe stick around and see what we can teach or show each other.

About once a month

My mom sends me a check for gas and parts to work on her car. Sometimes its for other things, like driving her to New York on her anniversary. This month it’s a head gasket for the SUV. Of course I have no problem with that, why would I? But my point is that this happens a lot. And you would think that she might remember my address. Or, more specifically, my zip code. But no, no she does not. Every time she sends me something, she has to ask. Except this time around, she thought she had it. She thought 15719 was the right choice. And it would be… If I lived in Peru.

Today has been an absolutely perfect day

I don’t usually count the night before towards the day ahead, but this one is special. It all started at 3AM when I made plans to go get delicious sandwiches sometime soon with a pretty lady. Soon after that plan was made, we added a Twinkie hunt to the agenda. Though I know with each passing hour, the fight to find them will grow harder, I think it’ll be pretty fun. 
From there, I take you to the point of my awakening. After talking about family, and feelings about them and all the previous night, I decided that I would pay my mom a visit. So I grabbed some things, and ventured forth! ..Only to find that she was an hour and a half away visiting my grandmother for an early “thanksgiving”. So to pass the time, I went a little further down the road to see my grandfather. He was surprised to see me, but I could tell he was happy to. We had lunch, caught up a bit, and hung out for a while. Around 3 we decided to start messing with some guns, and went into the vault to pick what we wanted to shoot. Considering I haven’t shot in a year or so, I was basically just telling him to hand me whatever I might like. So we ended up outside with a .44, .357, .32, a VERY nice .357 rifle, a couple 16 gauges, a 12 gauge, and a 22 that we needed to test and see if it worked. 
Seriously this is where the only problems with today came, and 2 of the 3 came in questions. The first was “what do you want to shoot first?” Having not shot anything above the .32, I quickly picked up the .357 to give it a whirl. Decent gun, though the snub-nose gave it a pretty decent upgrade in kick. 
The second and third problems came as surprises to me, and they caught me really off guard. The first of these was when I was shooting clay birds with the 12 gauge. After yelling “Pull!”, as is customary, one of the birds decided it was going to malfunction. Usually when this happens the bird will just shatter before even really launching and just send pieces flying within 6 feet of the launcher. Occasionally you’ll get one that goes on a standard path and shatters after 15 feet of travel. Today, I found a third option; the bird will launch completely off course and in 80% good condition. The new path of directory will be 6 feet farther to the left, at the same speed (approximately 20 mph) and hit me square in the back. It shattered against my shoulders, and knocked me forward a little, cause at that speed those birds pack a punch. Despite a little welt on my shoulder blade, I shall survive it.
The third and final problem with my day was as follows; After we went through a few rounds on all the guns we had out, my grandfather and I wanted to do some more shooting with some of our favored guns. I went through the remaining ammo for the .357 with the rifle quickly, because I really liked how that gun handled. The red dot sight was a fantastic add-on, and the remaining 15 rounds I shot were all in a 1 inch or less group. But that wasn’t the surprise. The surprise was when my grandfather handed me the .44, already loaded. I thought, “yeah, this gun was pretty fun to shoot, I’ll have another go”. So I pull back the hammer and let the first 5 ring loudly. I get to the 6th round, and my grandfather smiles. I think nothing of it, but I would soon find out that he is evil. I squeeze the trigger and the recoil is about 3 times as intense as the previous 5 rounds. A look of bewilderment takes over my face and my grandfather loses his calmness. After regaining some composure, I turn to him and ask simply “Was that a hollow point!?” His laughter was the only confirmation I needed. 

After that, we packed up, and had some pizza which was pretty good. Then I went to mom’s since she was finally home. Hung out with my siblings, played cards with mom, and couldn’t stop smiling because I felt good about my decisions for the day. The night has pretty much ended now with a few episodes of Supernatural, a VERY strong rum and coke, and a few minutes on the phone with the previously mentioned pretty lady. OH and my mom got me a Lego Batman kit cause she know’s I’m secretly 5, and love Batman. All in all, the best mood and day I’ve had in quite some time. Here’s to hoping the feeling sticks around, cause that would make me the happiest person alive. 

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Best commercial ever.

La weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jgwkñasdk <3

Me puse a llorar :’c

I am sobbing.



noooo why did you post this cries and dies

not gonna lie, this hit me right in the feels


get out of here!!


ahhh my heaaart!!!

ok now i can be sure.. dem things called feelings, i got that ish

I miss my mom so much :’(

Stop making me feel my feelings!

Went to breakfast

mom made a comment on our waitress being kinda cute, and I agreed. She had a bit of a southern belle thing going on and I liked it a lot. Mom made a slight comment suggesting I should leave my number, but that I wouldn’t. So, I promptly asked for a pen, and jotted down my number for miss Nicole. Mom could barely contain her laughter at the sheer thought that I was doing this. She thought for sure that I would grab it at the last minute and back out of it. But I left it there, and as Nicole grabbed the plates off the table she noticed the note, and started blushing a shade deeper than that of the freshest rose. With a smile and a wink, I left the table and continued through the day. Mom still can’t believe that I did it.