Hey there, I'm Don. 22 years old, and a passenger of the roller coaster of life. Luckily not doing it alone, and have the most supportive and amazing girl on the planet by my side. And having a kickass group of friends helps too. My mind works in a nonstop visual manner, and I'm always looking to learn new things. So maybe stick around and see what we can teach or show each other.


Even more greatness. Climbed to the top of the fountain outside North Hall tonight. Photo evidence to follow soon. I just need photo proof of me being on Mario’s high back now. And for them to take that box away from the A. J. Drexel statue, so I can sit on his lap. If you guys can think of any other statues/sculpturesque things on this campus for me to climb, please suggest or mention them. I feel like I’m missing something somewhere, but I’m not sure. 

And yes, I did climb the horse in motion statue by the DAC. There’s already a picture up here of my on the middle horse. 

Oh yeah. One thing I’ve also achieved is my ribcage to be completely swollen. I hate coughing like this. My ribs hurt so bad right now, and there’s nothing I can do about them, like, at all. Oh well I guess..

One last thing. A buddy of mine said something tonight that really struck me. Not because of the context he was saying it in, but because it pretty much encompasses me in a general way, which is easy for me to use in the future as a description of me. Here’s what he said:

"The few struggle so the many don’t have to" 

Knowing the context he meant this in, I know my struggles don’t match to his. But really, this statement is still really relevant for me. I’ve mentioned many times before that my life has been a constant uphill struggle. But somehow I always manage to take on the stresses and whatnot of other people and carry on. I think I’m one of those few to struggle, so that (most of) you can carry on. Even though there’s nothing really that great about me. So If you need to get something off of your chest, mind, stomach, or any other part of your person? Feel free to talk to me. If I can’t help, perhaps I know someone who can. And if I can help, I’m more than willing to.