Hey there, I'm Don. 22 years old, and a passenger of the roller coaster of life. Luckily not doing it alone, and have the most supportive and amazing girl on the planet by my side. And having a kickass group of friends helps too. My mind works in a nonstop visual manner, and I'm always looking to learn new things. So maybe stick around and see what we can teach or show each other.

You’re kidding, right?

According to my account activity through my Edge card, I bought a copy of Arkham Asylum right before Christmas. Considering I already had it from 2 years before that, I doubt I did this. Which means you used my card to save yourself money.
What the hell?

The polite part of me wants to say you’re welcome. But another part of me kinda wants to flip out about this a little. Of course, that could just be me not being able to handle all my emotions and shit lately. 


that fucked up moment when..

you find out your parents don’t hate each other anymore. And that they spoke for a couple hours. And dad apologizes for things ending poorly. And mom does the same. And they agree that they should talk more. What the hell, guys. Why do you have to put me through all this? ‘Cause now mom is gonna bring dad up more often in conversations. I don’t need that…Ugh.. back to video games.. I have a headache from this shit